Upper Cervical Chiropractors for Pinched Nerves

If you're experiencing aches and pains in your back, neck, leg or arm, a pinched nerve might be the cause. Chiropractors can offer successful care to help address the underlying mechanical cause and ease your pain. At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC, we utilize innovative methods to restore your spine to its proper alignment so other parts of your body can heal efficiently.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

When excessive pressure is put on a nerve by surrounding tissues — including tendons, cartilage, muscles and bones — you may experience a pinched nerve. This compression can result in pain that shoots down your leg, leading to tingling, numbness and weakness.

Misaligned vertebrae and herniated discs place pressure on nerves and the spinal cord, resulting in sharp pain commonly referred to as pinched nerves. Past traumas can tear the connective tissues that once held the spine straight, resulting in spinal misalignment. The misaligned spinal position leads to abnormal movement patterns, compensations and compressions, leading to progressive wear and tear of the soft discs over time. In other cases, pinched nerves stem from a sudden twisting or jolting movement.

Our doctors can analyze and often correct the original trauma which led to the disc herniation and pain in the first place. Some common causes of a pinched nerve include the following:

  • Injury
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Repetitive stress
  • Herniated disc

Traditional Pinched Nerve Care

If you're experiencing a pinched nerve, you've probably been told it will most likely subside with rest and time. Doctors may prescribe over-the-counter medications and steroids to help relieve the pain, but these approaches only mask the symptoms and don't address the problem head-on.

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC, we have a team of chiropractors experienced in upper cervical care for pinched nerves that can provide you with solutions for lasting pain relief.

The QSM3 and NUCCA Approach at Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Both the Quantum Spinal Mechanics3 (QSM3) and National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) techniques focus on the precise correction and alignment of the spine. The upper cervical method is a comfortable process that makes all necessary corrections at the top of the spine. This correction restores nerve function and balance, allowing the rest of the body to heal naturally. Our doctors also utilize the Cox Flexion-Distraction method to gently and effectively decompress pinched nerves in the lumbar spine.

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC, our team is dedicated to bringing your spine back to its proper position using these innovative approaches. Our upper cervical chiropractors evaluate and care for pinched nerves using detailed measurements taken from X-rays and advanced analytic procedures to target the root of the pain.

Upper Cervical Care for Pinched Nerve Relief

Pinched nerves become more common with age, especially in those who have experienced a prior injury or herniated disc. Our upper cervical chiropractors care for pinched nerves and will use safe, minimally invasive techniques to help correct spinal alignment and mobility to help relieve pain. The realignment of the body and spinal segments will free compressed nerves to relieve pain, restore proper function and reduce inflammation.

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