Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Ménière's Disease in NJ

The QSM3 Approach

The QSM3 technique places significant emphasis on the correction of the entire spine. This safe, painless procedure restores nerve function and balance, allowing the body to achieve optimal health naturally. Chiropractors make all the necessary corrections from the spine's top vertebrae.

Quantum Spinal Mechanics3 (QSM3) is a precise, science-based upper cervical chiropractic procedure uses X-rays to measure misalignment.

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC, we're committed to restoring the body to its orthogonal position using the QSM3 Upper Cervical method.

Upper Cervical Care for Ménière's Disease

Spinal trauma earlier in life may be a potential cause of Meniere's Disease. A correlation may exist between a cervical (neck) trauma (i.e., fall or auto accident, whiplash) earlier in life and the onset of Meniere's Disease. Cervical trauma may lead to biomechanical changes in the upper cervical spine which in turn can irritate the vestibular (balance) system. The onset of symptoms may occur months to years later. Upper cervical chiropractic care corrects misalignments in the cervical spine and upper neck.

Upper cervical chiropractic for Ménière's disease aims to realign joints in the upper cervical spine, improve neurological function and facilitate fluid drainage from the inner ear. Further, Upper Cervical care impacts the many neurological control centers in the brainstem that impact hearing and balance.

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Ménière's disease is a serious inner ear disorder that causes hearing loss, dizziness and intense pressure. Upper cervical care may help you function normally and provide you with relief.

If you're looking for chiropractors who can ease your symptoms, turn to Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC. Our practice specializes in the Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3 (QSM3) and National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) technique, a leading-edge approach to spinal correction that addresses the effects of Ménière's disease.

What Is Ménière's Disease?

Ménière's disease is a disorder that affects one ear and causes hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo and a feeling of congestion or fullness in the ear. Feelings of dizziness come after a short period of muffled hearing or tinnitus.

While Ménière's disease is more likely to happen to adults between 40 and 60 years old, it can develop at any age. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports 45,500 new cases each year in the United States.

What Are the Symptoms of Ménière's Disease?

Symptoms of Ménière's disease include:

  • Feelings of congestion in the ear: People with Ménière's disease experience aural fullness or pressure in an affected ear.
  • Tinnitus: Tinnitus is the perception of a hissing, whistling, roaring, buzzing or ringing sound in the ear.
  • Hearing loss: Ménière's disease may cause hearing loss that comes and goes, particularly early on. Most people with the condition experience a degree of permanent hearing loss at some point.
  • Recurring episodes of vertigo: Vertigo refers to a feeling of spinning that starts and stops arbitrarily. Episodes typically last anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours — but no more than 25 hours — and can occur without warning. Vertigo often involves severe dizziness that can cause nausea.

How Is Vertigo Related to Ménière's Disease?

Endolymph buildup interferes with the hearing signals between the brain and inner ear in Ménière's disease. This abnormality causes the symptoms of Ménière's disease, such as vertigo.

Meniere's Disease Testimonials

Dr. Larry Arbeitman

Reviewed by Dr. Larry Arbeitman

Prior to founding Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth, LLC in 2005, Dr. Arbeitman graduated Magna Cum Laude, second in his class, from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. He obtained his first Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Maryland at College Park and a second Bachelor of Science degree from Logan College.

The doctor is licensed in the state of New Jersey and has met the requirements by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Throughout his educational career, he was a multiple scholarship recipient and accumulated several awards for academic achievement and exemplary clinical performance.

Dr. Arbeitman is an active board member of the Q-foundation: the non-profit arm of the Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3 (QSM3) Method.

As an author of  The Gift of Hope: The Path to Healing Through Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Facial Pain: A 21st Century Guide: Chapter 5.1 Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, Dr. Arbeitman brings awareness to the Upper Cervical Chiropractic method and the conditions it can help.