Jeffrey M

Been a practice member for almost ten years now! Over this time I have seen the great health benefits through Upper Cervical care! Dr Larry, Dr Linkel and the precious young ladies at the front desk have been in one word, Awesome!! always look FOWARD to my next appointment! Thanks to you all for making me and my family’s visits there the best! I always mention how great the office experience is to friends and others I share with! I also explain the many ways Upper Cervical Chiropratic care far outweighs normal Chiropratic care in that the adjustment of ones Atlas is key to allowing the Spinal Cord to freely carry the everyday messages from the Brain to all parts of the Body! Expierence is the Best way to convey to others why they should or should not look into something different! In the case of Upper Chiropratic care , the experience is a health benefit!! And Upped Cervical Chiropratic of Monmouth is the First place I would recommend!! God Bless All the Staff, their families, and the Practice, Always!!!