How long does it take for QSM3 upper cervical chiropractic to work?

QSM3 Method

When you’re in pain, one of your biggest questions is: When will the pain stop? We understand. Countless patients come to our Monmouth County, NJ upper cervical chiropractic practice in search of a therapy that will stop the pain.  Our practice specializes in Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3), a method of chiropractic care that focuses on…

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Why Chiropractic Care Is Important During Colder Weather

  When people think of winter, they often associate it with dark, cold days, sniffling noses and body aches. While dark and cold days are inevitable, fortunately, poor health doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to improve and sustain your well-being during the cold months. Chiropractic care is one of them. Chiropractic care…

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Chiropractic and Heart Health

Chiropractic and Heart Health Cardiovascular disease is responsible for a staggering 17 million deaths worldwide each year. The statistics are as chilling as they are concerning, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive measures to protect our vital organ, the heart. But in our need to safeguard our cardiovascular health, we often find answers beyond the conventional,…

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Text Neck 101: Symptoms and Treatment

Text Neck 101: Symptoms and Treatment Text neck can be painful and debilitating. The condition is caused by excessive use of electronic devices, leading to symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and headaches. These symptoms can lead to a chronic condition and result in reduced mobility. Fortunately, addressing text neck early can prevent complications…

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Who Can Benefit From Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractor focusing on upper cervical care for a patient in their head-neck alignment

If you have a condition or injury that causes spinal pain, you understand how severely the discomfort can impact your quality of life. Fortunately, you may not have to live with chronic pain. With upper cervical chiropractic care, many people experience pain relief without medical interventions, shots or surgery. This gentle approach helps restore spinal…

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Stay Positive and Stay Well!

Man and woman holding hands

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of much needed positivity with you. As your friendly chiropractor in Marlboro, NJ, let met share something that has helped me throughout the years. A mentor once taught me the equation E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome). Although we do not have…

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