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Important Ways Chiropractic Care Helps During Pregnancy

The most important way that Monmouth, NJ upper cervical chiropractic care helps during pregnancy is the fact that we are taking care of two people, the mother and the developing baby. The mother’s nervous system is under the direct control of her endocrine system, her hormones, the growth and development of that baby, the nutrition to the baby, and it is imperative that the mother keep her body clear of nerve interference or subluxation to optimize the function of her body and optimize the growth and development of that baby. It is sort of performance based chiropractic. That mommy’s body certainly has to perform for nearly 40 weeks.

Here are other important ways chiropractic care helps during pregnancy:

Naturally Relieves Pain Without Medication

The other side of the coin is what if the mother is struggling with some sort of pain syndrome. Of course, no pregnant mother wants to take any unnecessary medication during her pregnancy. So if the mother is experiencing headaches and migraines, chiropractic is one of the safest, gentlest and most effective ways to help her through that naturally.

Corrects Alignment to Relieve Nerve Pressure

The other piece of the puzzle is the back pain that oftentimes is experienced through pregnancy, sciatica. There is a hormone called relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments of the body so that the mother’s pelvis can change position and one day the baby can exit. But because of the relaxin hormone, oftentimes the body can shift out of position, putting pressure on different types of structures and nerves resulting in back pain and sciatica. Chiropractic is a very gentle, safe, and effective way to help the mother through that.

Decreases Labor and Delivery Time

Another benefit to chiropractic care during pregnancy is decreased labor and delivery time. It has been shown that when mothers are under chiropractic care and keeping their pelvis and their body balanced during their pregnancy, the likelihood of back labor also decreases.

Turns Breach Babies with the Webster Technique

The last and very important outcome that chiropractic has had for pregnant women is helping in turning breech babies. There’s a chiropractic technique called the Webster Technique that has been well documented (with studies published in peer reviewed journals) to be an effective approach at helping reduce the inter-uterine constraint that may be keeping the baby from turning and an effective way of helping that breech baby turn. There are many ways a Monmouth upper cervical chiropractor can help an expectant mother and of course that baby inside.