Top 3 Myths & Facts About Neck Pain

top-3-myths-facts-about-neck-painGiven our modern lifestyle, neck pain has become a more common complaint among people of all ages. It’s almost inevitable for anyone to experience a crick in the neck or some neck discomfort or pain at one time or another. Neck pain can be challenging to cope with. It can range from a dull ache to sharp, radiating pain through the shoulders and arms. Some people may even experience weakness or numbness, prompting a visit to a Monmouth neck pain chiropractor.

Misinformation is abundant and floating around out there about neck pain. Most of these myths are as stubborn as neck pain itself. In this article, we’ll set the records straight on the top 3 misconceptions about neck pain. We’ll follow up with some facts to clear your mind of any mistaken beliefs you’ve adopted.

Neck Pain Myths

Myth #1: My Job Isn’t Physically Demanding; It Didn’t Bring My Neck Pain

While it is true that physically demanding jobs that involve heavy lifting are a common source of neck pain, office jobs that require extended hours of sitting can be equally blamed for neck pain. If your workstation is set up improperly, it can force you to slouch and twist, causing neck pain and discomfort as your neck is bent forward for most of the day.  

Excessive use of mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets also add to the problem. Did you know that the average weight of an adult’s head is 10-12 pounds? When you tilt your head down at a 45-degree angle to look at your phone, it makes the weight of the head feel like 49 pounds. Hunching over your gadgets for long hours each day places massive stress on the spine and neck’s muscles and ligaments.

Myth #2: Neck Pain is Expected as You Get Older

This is probably one of the biggest and oldest misconceptions surrounding neck pain. Most people seem to consider their daily aches and pains a normal course of life that comes with aging. However, not all of us experience neck pain. Accepting your neck pain as a normal part of growing older can obstruct your way to getting the proper care that you might need.  Just as it is with any other health condition, postponing care, and avoiding the problem can only worsen your neck pain. Most of the causes of neck pain can be dealt with naturally.

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Myth #3: Neck Pain Indicates I Just Need to Rest

When people experience neck pain, the initial thing they do is take an over-the-counter painkiller, rest in bed, and wait for the pain to go away. Resting for a short time is appropriate for specific neck problems, but for recurring and chronic neck pain, long periods of rest can just contribute to your condition. Avoiding activity and exercise will eventually lead to stiffness, muscle atrophy, and pain. This can only result in a disappointing cycle of pain preventing activity, but inactivity causing more pain.  Do not skip exercises such as walking, yoga, and swimming.


Neck Pain Facts

Fact #1: Good Posture and a Strong Neck Are the Keys

If you have developed poor posture, no worries as you are not doomed to be stuck that way forever. Many people complain of discomfort and pain as they try to maintain good posture again after months or years of poor posture. The pain is a sign of changes that have occurred in your spinal alignment and your muscle balance. Doing exercises to strengthen your key muscle groups and stretch the tight ones is the first step to good posture. Posture plays a crucial role in our overall health since the vertebrae of the spine are responisble for protecting our body’s central nervous system.

Fact #2: Even Minor Accidents or Injuries Can Cause Neck Pain

We often overlook minor accidents or injuries that we experience. The truth is, it doesn’t take a major accident to hurt the many structures of the neck. Your upper cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae and is supported by many soft tissues. When an accident happens, vertebrae can easily shift out of alignment, muscles can be strained, and ligaments can be sprained. Getting the proper care following even what seems like a minor injury can help you to prevent bigger problems from happening later in life.

Fact #3: You Don’t Have to Resign Yourself to Living with Neck Pain

When you experience neck pain every day, it can be easy to lose hope.  Making the problem worse and unresolved is that most people living with chronic neck pain and discomfort feel as if they have no other options and are stuck with medication use and its unpleasant side-effects. However, there are natural care alternatives available.


Natural, Effective Care for Chronic Neck Pain

One form of care that is gaining more acceptance is upper cervical chiropractic care. It is different than traditional chiropractic as it focuses specifically on the upper cervical spine, the most freely movable part of the spine and most likely to misalign and cause problems. The C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae are unique as they support the weight of the head and allow it to move in many directions. They also protect the brainstem, a crucial part of the central nervous system.

A subluxation or an upper cervical misalignment can negatively impact how your neck moves and the blood flow between your head and neck. Overall, it affects the regular activity of the central nervous system.

If you need a neck pain chiropractor in Monmouth, NJ, come into our clinic at Upper Cervical of Monmouth in Morganville, New Jersey. We use a very detailed and systematic method to find the underlying cause of your neck pain. We don’t want our patients chasing symptoms around. If we find a misalignment in the vertebrae, we correct it gently and accurately.  Once you’ve received an adjustment, the body can begin to undo the damage done by the misalignment and start functioning properly again. This can result in longer-lasting results and elimination of your neck pain.



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